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HomeNews Urgent need of microfiber car seat leather manufacturer

Urgent need of microfiber car seat leather manufacturer

Time:2015-08-06 17:28:50

Seat the protection of children has, undoubtedly, scientific tests showed that children not using safety seat traffic accident death rate is the use of safety seat seven times. Our children's death in 2010 is 2010, that number is 2.5 times of Europe and the United States. In 2014, that number to 35000. Although the Numbers, but held fluky psychology, child safety seat has not become a base standard. At present, China's car ownership to 137 million vehicles, including about 40 million car owners have children under the age of 14. However, in the 40 million car, the use of child safety seats, less than 1%, less than 400000 units.

microfiber carseat leather manufacturer

A change of expression method, only 400000 cars in China family to duty at children's security. The rest of the 39.6 million car owners, there is no doubt that is unqualified bad parenting, they in the unconscious state have become the top killer of children's safety.
Facing many parents disappear coffin not tears, Shanghai took the lead on March 2014, legislation, compulsory for children under the age of 12 cannot sit in the co-pilot, children under the age of 4 to take private cars, and is equipped with the proper use of salt. Although the nation first, Shanghai do is the infrastructure of mend. This infrastructure, has nothing to do with the economic base, has nothing to do with city location, is a society in the era of car should give children the safety of the bottom line.
The Chinese to buy a car usually buy coverage, solar film, these costs than cheap seats. Chinese people also like to hang on the rearview mirror mascot, this blessing is full of Chinese characteristic symbol well-meaning, but for children, but it is a toy attracted the line of sight, there is absolutely no more valuable a safety seat.

Children make the seat of China's automobile standard, government action, parents should act quickly. The faster the children more security, this is not a moment to hesitate.

In other words, we need more microfiberiber car seat leather manufacturer.

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