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How to identify the quality of microfiber car seat leather

Time:2015-08-06 16:32:32

Now, many different kinds of materials and technology, natural leather surface is coated or coating affect the application of this method, this method can only reference. The quality of microfiber car seat leather will be processed by the misjudgment, Pu superfine fiber, synthetic leather health performance is more and more close to natural leather, it is easy to misjudge.
Some businesses say that as long as it is color leather goods, can have different degrees of rub off, is this true?

Not color laser can rub off, affect use rub off products, the color fastness performance is likely to be unqualified. But some leather is also very popular with consumers, such as special technology, or in pursuit of special style, color fastness performance is relatively poor. Almost no dye leather, such as water surface finishing, close to the natural style, but a likely decoloring phenomenon.

Quality microfiber carseat leather

Online said to distinguish whether the dermis, can burn it, if have the kind of smell like burning hair is real leather. This statement is true?
That makes sense, because the natural leather is the basic component of protein, the taste of combustion would have similar hair. However, this method can not identify all kinds of material, some material is not a "genuine leather", but contains protein ingredients would be misjudgment, such as, regenerated leather, materials, adhesion of leather fiber of leather collagen impregnated material.
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