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The increase of microfiber amara leather manufacturer

Time:2015-07-29 16:57:14

As another independent research and development projects in the field of new materials in China, led by professor Li-Xing does Suzhou university, cooperation with Jiangsu xinmin textile technology Co., LTD. Jointly completed the research and development of "systolic controllable total direct spinning key technology of ultrafine polyester fdy application and industrialization" projects, research in the field of fine chemical technology in China and on a new step.

Li-Xing day said the microfiber amara leather is elegant and showily, already from the global textile industry, and the direct spinning method is energy saving, emission reduction, low cost, high quality superfine fiber manufacturing technology. Polyester fiber with different shrinkage rate is an important part of differential synthetic fiber, also is one of the ideal raw materials, weaving high-grade fabric by physical method of production of shrinkage polyester fiber placed after a period of time shrinkage rate will decline, so to get a stable shrinkage, chemical methods is the effective means.

microfiber amara leather manufacturer

Li-Xing day: systolic controllable direct spinning project ultrafine polyester fdy with terephthalic acid and glycol as raw material basic components, isophthalic acid and polyethylene glycol (peg) as the copolymer composition of copolyesters four components, mainly by the changes of copolymer composition control fiber shrinkage rate. In conventional spinning machine directly by micro hole forming superfine polyester FDY such fiber is difficult, the project USES rectifier control fiber shrinkage CV value, stable fiber contractility, adopt SanRe roller stretching, precise control of spinning process, with minimal production contractility controllable common polyester FDY polyester FDY such microfiber, bringing the total denier dtex 20 ~ 30 dtex, or filament number dtex 0.3 ~ 0.3 dtex superfine fibers, adjustable shrinkage rate between 15% ~ 15%.
Direct spinning preparation of ultrafine FDY is formed directly by micro holes on the conventional spinning polyester FDY such microfiber, simple process, low production cost, energy conservation, environmental protection, but direct spinning production of superfine fiber spinnability of fiber forming process, the melt spinning of cooling technology and fiber breakage and prevents hair silk is a key problem for production control. Compared with the complex legal ultra filament, the direct method to produce filament technology wire less waste products from 300 kg per ton, save $5100 per ton; Also don't need to use dissolved substrate solvent, using less solvent 40 tons per ton, including water saving 39.2 tons, save sodium hydroxide 0.8 tons. It can also be with no other solvents or alkali resistant fiber compound use (such as wool, silk, etc.), it is a complex legal incomparable. Therefore, as one of the superfine fiber production methods, direct spinning sutra on the basis of technical progress and continuous development and promotion.
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