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HomeNews The transformation strategy of improving quality microfiber carseat leather

The transformation strategy of improving quality microfiber carseat leather

Time:2015-07-29 16:41:40

With the constant improvement of the technical level of the synthetic leather industry in China, the demand of high-grade artificial leather will have a larger growth, especially the demand of superfine fiber synthetic leather will be more and more big. Microfiber simulation of leather in China began in the Shandong Yantai synthetic leather factory (now called wanhua microfiber Co., LTD.) in the introduction of Japan's coke lei lotus root shape fiber simulation leather production line developed on the basis of the floating island superfine fiber leather production line simulation. Shortly thereafter, with the sea in Shandong island new materials Co., LTD., under the Beijing Institute of fashion technology cooperation, developed with characteristic of our country floating island superfine fiber technology, and built in China's largest leather base ultrafine simulation. Not long ago, Jiangsu double elephant group invested 250 million yuan "microfiber super real leather" project in Wuxi formally put into production, this symbolized our country with independent intellectual property rights of "microfiber technology has reached the international leading level. At present, in terms of synthetic leather industry development present situation, the country has built the simulation of leather production line 22, the floating island superfine fiber accounted for the vast majority of artificial leather production line, and really can only 10 or so production lines of normal production.

Quality microfiber carseat leather

In addition to the floating island superfine fiber as raw material to produce the leather enterprise, has developed to the fiber as raw material of the island simulation leather production enterprises, of which often Sook best leather Co., LTD. Go early, it is developed on the basis of the introduction of technology, other companies such as Zhejiang matching leather also USES this island fiber production simulation. Superfine fiber, synthetic leather manufacturer in China, with a few factories can produce normal, the production quality is better, smoother sales channels, more and more factory production is not enough, or normal, or the quality of products did not pass completely. And although some factory can have a product, but not smooth sales channels, has not yet open markets. The inside front of these enterprises must first strengthen the science and technology development, production and management, the enterprise can normal production, the product can meet quality requirements. In addition, to expand the market sales channel, develop new products to meet the market requirements. In the future, superfine fiber, synthetic leather enterprises of China, to strengthen the science and technology development and market development, focus on product quality and design and color is hard, and constantly adjust the industrial structure, improve the level of equipment technology, can be in an impregnable position in the market.
In our country, people used to call with PVC resin as raw material to produce artificial leather, PVC artificial leather (artificial leather), will be made of the PU resin as raw material to produce artificial leather is called PU synthetic leather (PU leather), will use the PU resin with non-woven fabric as the raw material to produce artificial leather called PU synthetic leather (synthetic leather). For PU synthetic leather, PU synthetic leather, the industry has not yet been accurately, but there customarily refer to the above three kinds of leather is artificial leather. In the artificial leather (artificial leather), synthetic leather and occupies a considerable proportion of market share.
Our country has become the world's artificial leather and synthetic leather production and consumption power. The development status quo is the synthetic leather industry, imports have significantly negative growth, export growth significantly. In the industry, the traditional ingredient is heavier, high-grade product is still less, need a lot of imports, product structure is lack of competitiveness. Artificial leather and synthetic leather industry in China are mainly distributed in coastal provinces such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong. Wenzhou is the main production base of synthetic leather in China, now an annual output of 280000 tons of synthetic leather, accounting for 50% of the total national output; Annual sales of 8 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 70% domestic market share. But are from the north of Yantai wanhua synthetic leather, China's largest enterprises, the company has an annual output of 3 million square meters of "ultra-fine nylon fiber products" and "very fine nylon fiber production line, the product gives priority to with shoes and men's leather shoes, the capacity of about 400000 square meters, the proportion of 70% to 70% of the domestic market and international market. In addition Foshan plastics group, Hubei killer group, Hunan Ann model group, side group, Wuhu conch group, Zhejiang hexing industrial and other large-scale plastic enterprise group also have certain synthetic leather production. In recent years,we keep improving the quality of microfiber carseat leathe along with successively introduced foreign advanced technology equipment, artificial leather and synthetic leather industry in our country the technical level, product class has a larger increase. Rolling method, dry, wet PU/PVC, PU synthetic leather production technology such as developing rapidly. At present, domestic artificial leather, synthetic leather production capacity has reached 3.5 billion square meters. It is estimated that in terms of production equipment, production line for wet (PU) for the 150 or so, dry process production line (PU/PVC) as the 300 or so, calender line is about 200, steel belt, coating production line for more than 100.
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