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HomeNewsAmara synthetic leather manufacturer overall downturn

Amara synthetic leather manufacturer overall downturn

Time:2015-07-29 16:27:18

In recent years, under the weight of the environmental policy, environmental protection is not up to standard amara synthetic leather manufacturer is gradually closed, at the same time, along with the development of new materials and new technology, synthetic leather market increasingly fierce competition, backward production capacity gradually be eliminated, now represented by microfiber leather leather with environmental protection, performance and price advantage, its development prospects, as a new development direction of synthetic leather.


Trace the development process of artificial leather technology, can be divided into three generations: one is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), artificial leather, 2 it is PU synthetic leather, three is a superfine fiber synthetic leather.
The lower part of the PVC leather due to contain the chemical composition of harm to the human body is bigger (especially plasticizer, etc.), the VOC content is higher, applies only to low-end bags, shoes, ball, etc. Synthetic leather originated in the 1940 s after large-scale application of polyurethane material, with soft luster, soft and genuine leather feeling strong, cold resistant performance is good wait for an advantage, widely used in clothing, furniture and high-grade shoes field.
Superfine fiber, synthetic leather, hereinafter referred to as "microfiber leather", is developed on the basis of fully analyze the natural leather. Its production process is different from common synthetic leather, no peculiar smell in the process of production. Has extremely excellent wear-resisting, cold resistant, breathable, aging resistance, can almost perfect instead of high-grade leather materials. Main application such as furniture, clothing, ball, shoes, car interior and other high-end leather consumption industry.
At present, domestic and international market demand is not prosperous, the rising cost of enterprises continued downward pressure increase synthetic leather industry. Related data representation, synthetic leather production growth decreased from 9.57% in 2011 to 2.58% in 2014, export growth continued to decline. As a result, many enterprises have difficulty in production and operation, has been around 20% remain closed. Under the circumstances of synthetic leather market downturn, the third generation of synthetic leather, microfiber leather) become a new star leather technology developer.
In addition, as we have learned, leather is also influenced the product environmental protection, the ministry officially announced in 2014 the tanning industry standard conditions, the leather industry for environmental protection, a lot of backward production capacity to be forced to shut down. The microfiber leather, as the most close to the varieties of synthetic leather and genuine leather, is the most important objects instead of leather.
Microfiber leather for leather products, the common synthetic leather replacement continues, but due to cost and technical constraints microfiber leather synthetic leather with low percentage. Expected future super fiber industry to remain around 15% demand growth, will be much faster than the synthetic leather industry growth, microfiber leather in the leather consumption ratio will continue to ascend.
In conclusion, Zhongyu information that synthetic leather enterprise will create new cost is a must to improve the market competitiveness and technology advantages, enhance the high-end products, reduce the pollution of the environment at the same time, or face elimination crisis. Its upstream related polyurethane raw materials for the downstream industry downturn, the development has also been implicated, enterprises not only to improve product quality, should also pay more attention to improve the whole industry chain.
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