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Automotive Interior Leather (26)
Soft leather seats are the epitome of a travel luxury. So a good leather quality is really very important for Automobile seat. We concentrate on producing high quality automotive /airline/rail interior leather for many years. We have got experience to do this job. Deep emboss, soft and flexible hand feeling as genuine leather, strong enough, abrasion resistant, fire retard ,UV resistant, Hydrolysis resistant…all we do the best to provide you the slap-up automotive leather.

Hot Sale Quality Flame Retard Leather

BALON is professional manufacturer of automotive interior leather There is hot sale quality flame retard leather for your choice Read More
2015-03-27 14:12:12

Flame Retard Artificial Leather For Vehicle Interior

High Quality Flame Retard Artificial Leather For Vehicle Interior-SHANGHAI BAOLONG LEATHER CO ,LTD Read More
2015-03-27 14:08:55

High Class PVC Upholstery Leather

BALON offers high class and high quality PVC upholstery leather from China -Upholstery Leather Manufacturer in Shanghai Read More
2015-03-27 14:04:14

PVC Automotive Leather With Various Backing

HIGH QUALITY PVC LEATHER, deep and clear emboss with beautiful appearance like PU, soft and flexible in hand feeling Read More
2015-03-27 14:01:25

PVC Vinyl Automobile Leather

High Quality PVC Vinyl Automobile Leather, deep and clear emboss with beautiful appearance like PU,SOFT and FLEXIBLE in hand feeling Read More
2015-03-27 13:58:44

Punch Designed Imitation Leather For Carseat

BALON offers high quality imitation leather for carseat around the world Check details in balonleather com Read More
2015-03-27 13:55:09

High Quality PVC Leather For Car Upholstery

BALON,as a professional manufacturer of auto upholstery leather,offers high quality pvc leather for car upholstery Read More
2015-03-27 13:52:58

Dyed Backing Leather Punched For Carseat

Microfiber leather High-tech synthetic leather,21st century green initiative product, very similar to the genuine leather Read More
2015-03-27 13:50:31
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